About Us - The PITOT Story

Pronounced "PEE-toh" and named for the instrument used to measure the speed of a craft, the Pitot tube, PITOT Aviation Apparel was founded in 2017 by a pilot struggling to find a brand representing pilots and aviation enthusiasts.

PITOT is a representation and extension of your passion for aviation - whether you are behind the aircraft controls or just love looking up at the sky when something flies overhead.

Our flagship product, the "V1 Elite" Pilot Shirt, was produced after months of design and testing.  If you're a pilot, its unique design will enhance your flying experience as a stylish extension of your flight bag.  If you're not, it looks and feels awesome!

Have a product idea or input?  As we develop new products and enhance existing ones, we care about your input - so let us know!  Contact us.